From the first day of the war, the NGO "Primary Trade Union Organization of TNMU" began volunteering activities at our University.

Students and teachers volunteer to sort food products, medicines, personal hygiene products, and other things, which are brought to the Centre by Ternopil residents or donated as humanitarian aid by foreign partners and students of TNMU.

The Volunteer Centre receives requests for help, first of all, from medical institutions and temporarily displaced citizens of Ukraine, which are in need. The Volunteer Centre also collects humanitarian aid for the Armed Forces, the Territorial Defence Forces, keeps records, and organizes logistics so that those in need receive it promptly.

The TNMU Volunteer Centre accepts:

- dry food products and canned food;

- water in closed bottles;

- clothing, thermal clothing, and underwear;

- mattresses and bed linen;

- medications and medical supplies;

- personal hygiene items, etc.

You can apply to the Volunteer Centre for the accommodation of temporarily displaced persons in the dormitories of TNMU.

Contact phone number: +38 067 774 66 23 (Yurii)

TNMU Volunteer Centre Address: Ternopil, 1 Maidan Voli Sq.

Contact us by phone:

+38 0352 52 78 54

+38 067 727 23 28 (Nataliya)

+38 067 769 72 22 (Yurii)

The Centre has a Psychological support service to provide psychological assistance

TNMU Dental Centre provides medical and dental care to the representatives of the Armed and Territorial Defence Forces, temporarily displaced persons,
and all citizens with acute toothache

Everyone wishing to get first medical aid training can attend the courses “Pre-medical care in extreme conditions” in TNMU Centre for Medical Simulation (register by phone +38 096 453 78 62).