Volunteer Centre

of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University


On the February 24th, Russia treacherously invaded Ukraine. The war began. The consequence of the attack of Russian troops on Ukraine was a humanitarian catastrophe in many cities. Schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and houses are destroyed. Thousands of civilians were killed, including about 100 children. Many cities remain surrounded and people there remain without any basic means of subsistence, like water, food, and medicine.

Ternopil National Medical University, with its many partners abroad, has become a center for providing humanitarian assistance, primarily of medicines and food to all those in need, particularly to hospitals, refugees as well as Ukrainian army, and the territorial defense.

We appeal to our international partners, to our international students with a request to provide medicines, medical and hygiene supplies, food, or financial assistance to help the most affected residents in Ukraine.

We assure you, that every penny of your help will be used effectively, will be used to meet the necessary needs of those suffering in Ukraine.

Your contribution will be highly appreciated. Your donation will help to reduce the suffering of our people.

Our cause is right.

Victory will be ours.

Glory to Ukraine!